Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited

Raw material supply of the finest quality
About Apex
Close association with our rubber growing communities

Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited

Raw material supply of the finest quality
About Apex
With an ultra-modern facility

Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited

Raw material supply of the finest quality
About Apex
A dedicated team
with a unique experience


Ghana Free Zones Company
1 Factory, 4 Buying Centers
80 – Direct Employees, 50 Indirect Employees

About Us

Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited is a natural rubber processing company registered under the laws of the republic of Ghana. The company is licensed by the Ghana Free Zones Authority as a free zones’ enterprise and a member of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

Our 22,000 MT per annum processing factory has been built and equipped to the highest quality standards by KC Marketing & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd with same company as our technical partners.

AGRPL sources its raw material from rubber plantations owned by approximately 1,500 smallholder farmers and members of cooperatives.

Our advantage is our close association with the rubber growing communities which gives us strong access to good levels of raw material supply of the finest quality.


Our mission is to build competitiveness in the Ghanaian natural rubber industry to ensure farmers benefit from the rubber trees they grow, by leveraging synergies in the value chain and by doing do contributing to economic self-sustenance


Our vision is to grow into a leading natural rubber processing company through partnerships with farmers, communities, stakeholders and global customers


Our Core Values


We are trustworthy and honorable in our business dealings


We endeavor to deliver what we promise. We continue to develop the knowledge of our business and strive for continuous improvement in all our ways


We strive to contribute positively to sustainable economic development. We do recognize that our customers, suppliers, partners and employees and the society at large are the reasons for our existence


We are keen in promoting collaborative partnership with our subsidiaries and view ourselves as an integral extension of their respective businesses

A unique blend of team experience

Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited is managed by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate personnel with diverse backgrounds of experience in engineering, production, sustainable agriculture, accounting & finance, commodities futures trading and large-scale farming.

Our unique blend of team experience ensures we deliver value to our shareholders and impact the lives of the communities in which we operate.

Our Sustainability Drive

Sustainability is the core of our business operations at Apex Ghana Rubber Processing Limited, We are citizens of the earth and as citizens we have a duty to take very good care of it.

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Farmer Rewards

We believe the hard work of farmers is the reason we continue to be business, through our lean operations and cost efficiency we are able to pass a huge chunk of those cost savings to farmers ensuring their livelihoods and those of their dependents are greatly impacted. Our employees are inspired looking at how many lives are changed by our business operations.


We strive to ensure our economic activity has minimal impact on the environment and commit to meeting all environmental safety standards & requirements. Our factory has a combination of stabilization pond and activated sludge waste treatment system to treat wastewater generated from the production process.

We strive to use less water and recycle wastewater from reuse at our processing factory and have a balance energy mix (20% clean energy) at our processing factory. By doing so we believe are carbon footprints are minimal to the environment.

Community Development

We contribute to the local communities in which we operate making sure there is a positive impact and economic empowerment.

We have an out-grower scheme where we assist farmers who have registered with farm inputs and tapping materials at a subsidized cost. We have a policy to purchase all food products for our workers from the communities in which we operate to create employment for the local women